Compatibility vs. Worthiness

“There are other people who have problems with you.”

“I didn’t even want to talk about this because I knew you’d just deny it and not hold yourself accountable.”

Ooof. Words can hurt.

These are statements that have been in my head and may not leave for a long time. I wish I could find it again, but there was a great Instagram post about how relationships with people are about compatibility, not worthiness. Some people just aren’t compatible. But that doesn’t mean either person is not worthy of love and respect.

Artists often put their full selves out into the world. It’s a vulnerable thing to confront the limitations of the world’s language and create a brand new lexicon; to build a different reality. And when we come across moments of shaming it can be pretty damaging.

But in this process of forging different paths and carving out space for my authentic, expressive self, it’s good to remember that compatibility does not equal worthiness. We all have worth. We just won’t jibe well with everyone. And trying to get every person on the same journey we’re taking is a waste of time.

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