What Do You Want?

I’m trying to listen to myself more closely these days.

What is it that I actually want? How do I wish to serve others?

Creativity always begins with curiosity, and it seems to me that curiosity is rooted in a necessary belief that there’s something bigger. Not only “out there”, but also “in here”.

I’m not talking a god, but a recognition that we are all part of an ecosystem. That there isn’t a “me as human” and “world out there”: that we are each part of a bigger world. And our services as artists can benefit that larger ecosystem.

This line of thought is especially useful in times of pain. “Yes, I am hurting, but I am fundamentally expansive.” A lot of people poke fun at the expression “I contain multitudes,” but it really is true. We forget that we are not wired to think in one direction or live a life that follows one path. Our individual potentials are vast.

Taking a moment each day to reflect on where we are now and where we are heading is a helpful strategy for grounding ourselves checking in on our plans. It is equally useful to remind ourselves that there are many different directions we could take.

What direction are you taking right now? What truths about yourself are you figuring out, and what are you listening for in order to continue that ongoing discovery?

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