Insecurity Loop

It’s so easy to get caught up in it. Someone reveals they don’t like you, you wonder what it is about yourself you could change, you work on changing that thing the next time you interact with someone, they reveal they don’t like you, and it continues.

I find as someone who’s spent a good amount of time on stage trying to impress people, when I don’t impress someone I spiral.

Artists are vulnerable. We put our full selves on the line. And when someone perceives one of our core values as a flaw, we can get pretty hurt. I do, at least.

One thing I’m working on is trying to get out of that loop of continuously trying to “fix” myself and getting hurt even more. It’s hard. I find I have to be a bit delusional. But looking at my successes and positive qualities, practising self-compassion, is absolutely essential. Otherwise I will constantly dig deeper into sadness. Ick.

What makes you proud of yourself?

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