You know the old saying.

Assumptions can truly be very harmful. When we jump to scare tactics because we assume people are wrong or misguided and need to learn a lesson, we can cause serious damage. It’s important to have all the information before making any kind of judgment.

I think of a director as one who directs focus. My goal is not to direct people per se, but allow people to take creative risks and see where that creation takes us. I then try to finesse these raw, instinctual decisions, shaping them into a series of events that unfold in a specific way. In order to do this, as I’ve said many times here, I have to be open to new ideas.

Definitive assumptions about people and their ideas close our minds to truth. Allowing space for full exploration and expression brings us closer to the core of the story or emotion. Decisions need to be made, yes, but they should be made within a space of flexibility. Otherwise you’re doing a disservice to the creative potential of the piece.

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