Sun is Warm

I decided to write in the morning instead of late at night, and by George does it ever feel good.

I came across this message today on my Instagram feed, via @commandinglife:

Never wait to be happy. At this moment, you are completely worthy of everything you desire. You are always writing the story of your life, one decision at a time. Believe in your power of creation.


Today the sun is warm. The robins woke me up as usual at 7 AM. I’m grateful for the ability to write these posts: for the ability to reflect and create, to drink my coffee, and to step forward into a new day.

Maybe you’ll read this as a bit hokey, but that’s my truth today.

At this time of isolation, things have been daunting. As a theatre maker, I worry about regulations involving gatherings of 100 people or more… When will we be able to get back to the theatre and tell stories with each other? But the future is the future. The present is now. What are you happy about in the moment?

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