Y’all having a hard time focusing these days? What with the pandemic and whatnot?

I get that we don’t have to be working on a masterpiece while in self-isolation, but I keep thinking this must be the perfect time to pay attention to back burner projects. There are ideas that have been circulating in my head for a long time, and why not take the extra time I have on my hands to bring them into the light?

And yet good ole comparison gets ahold of me. I see what others are doing and think the things I had planned are no good.

Or I get so overwhelmed with the idea of having to put work into a project that I just scroll Instagram instead. Eff. Is that just… laziness?

I don’t know. But hey, if you’re feeling the same, let’s chat about it. It’s likely common to get caught in the cycle of motivation, doubt, then procrastination.

You know what else doesn’t help? Memes and videos making fun of people trying to create stuff. Just let people cope and heal the way they need to, eh? And this time of artistic incubation may just lead to an extraordinary new world.

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