Recognizing Ridiculousness

Not that anyone’s reading these (yet), but I almost went to bed without having written anything! Horrible!

“Laughter is a sign of hope.” That’s what I’ve been thinking about today. When we find ourselves laughing in the middle of a dark time, that tells us we are getting closer to joy.

I’ve been laughing at myself quite a bit these past few days and it feels great. In trying to create things I’ve stumbled far more often than I’ve moved forward. But I recognize my shortcomings and find many of them hilarious. That’s what motivates me to try again.

It’s such a strange experience to put pen to paper and make something. Ridiculous, in fact. And it’s good to recognize that ridiculousness. In my case, at least, I find it rejuvenating.

Get weird. Take risks. Fail. Laugh about it. Do it again. That awkwardness is the joy if it all.

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