Couch It

Last night I thought “What if I sleep on my couch tonight instead of the bed?” I thought maybe it would spice things up and make my life a bit more interesting. It was a wild decision, everyone.

I love my couch. It’s in my kitchen, since my apartment has a kitchen, bedroom, and a bathroom, and is the perfect depth for cross-legged reading or sprawling out for nap time. But it’s certainly not ideal for sleeping through the night. Still, she persisted. Just the thought of going against the grain in that way made me giddy.

I was there for about 4 hours before I got too cramped.

Then, of course, I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

But you know what? Sometimes we need to follow our random ideas. And I think sleeping on one’s kitchen couch is a solid example of adding some variance to the day-to-day.

What are you doing during quarantine to surprise yourself? What weird choice will be sparking your next giggle session?

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