Here’s What’s Up

OK Luke… just write the thing. 

This project has spent a long time percolating. It’s time to take some real steps forward and continue doing what I had set out to do 3 years ago. is a network for marginalized artists looking for community. Many artists doing innovative work feel alone. I know how much frickin’ creative talent is in small town New Brunswick, for example (hey Sussex), and I also know that resources can be limited when it comes to finding your people and getting your work seen. The hustle is hard. But it becomes a hell of a lot easier when others are doing it with you.

Those of us who are “othered”, those whose experiences differ from the status quo, find it especially challenging to get our work where we want it to be. decentre is my humble attempt to close some gaps and help folks feel a bit more understood. It’s a project for artists decentring conventional ways of viewing the world. 

As with any new project, I’ve had many questions: What does that network look like? Who can be a part of it and why? Three years have passed and, apart from a few blog posts and interviews, decentre hasn’t grown too much. 

It’s time I kick things into high gear and get the ball rolling. I could ask myself questions for forever and never end up actually getting this up in the air. For now, here’s what I would like to provide: 

1. A space for you to read, listen, watch, and feel inspired. My hope is that something I or other contributors put on here will speak to you and provide insight in some small way for whatever it is you’re working on.

2. A resource for artists and creative types who are out there killing it but find themselves lacking in a sense of community. 

3. A sounding board for new ideas, old ideas revived from the dead, and thoughts you’ve been sitting on for a while. 

Let’s get the creative juices flowing and help each other learn and grow as artists. Meanwhile this thing will be growing itself, and I’ll be transparent with how it evolves. But hey, for now (especially now) let’s just start collaborating and connecting. 

Feeling a bit isolated with the creative project you’ve been working on? Well, I have a coupla degrees in theatre and performance and an admin job at a theatre. I want to lend an ear and help. If something’s out of my realm of experience I have friends I can try to connect you with. We all need empathetic support as we hone our craft… now more than ever. 

What are you working on right now? Or what have you been wanting to work on? What’s been bouncing around in your head?

I’m going to keep posting some thoughts on theatre, performance, community-building… and I’d like to profile some others who are doing remarkable things to bring people together. Follow along to catch up on some good news and see how folks are pushing boundaries and shifting the focus.

Questions? Thoughts? Leave a comment below. Love y’all. Talk soon.

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