Experience vs Story

I’m more interested in the experience an audience member has attending a play than I am in crafting the perfect story. Story is important in the writing process, sure, but the liveness of theatre calls for a game to be played: an encounter with strangers that unfolds like a mystery. Audiences are presented with dotsContinue reading “Experience vs Story”

Inevitable Dislike

I’m editing a play with the intention of mounting it again in the (hopefully not-too-distant) future. Every time I step away from it it takes me a long time to get back. When I lack focus like this I try to pinpoint the specific obstacles. For this one, as for many projects, I’m caught upContinue reading “Inevitable Dislike”

Take a Note

Celebrated Canadian playwright Michael Healey led a webinar through Citadel Theatre recently. Many things stood out to me but one thing I thought I’d share is his note on taking notes. In the writing process, we have to be able to take notes from others. You create a play in order for an audience toContinue reading “Take a Note”

Coat of Spice

Brief, brief thought tonight on dialogue. Good dialogue hooks me very quickly. I don’t need to try to feel connected to the world of the play. And when it comes to my personal taste, I love a thin film that lightly covers the surface: an understanding between the creator and the audience that is communicatedContinue reading “Coat of Spice”