[de]centre podcast ep. 1

“is canada queer?”

episode 2: two sides of a coin

Jena McLean, a playwright at the National Theatre School, and Kyle Cameron, an Ottawa-based drag performer/theatre artist, chat about what it means to be young artists in the Canadian theatre industry and how queerness can inform the work we do.

“Playwriting is a really beautiful coin. On one side, you’re pulling the strings and making the decisions, and it’s very you. And you’re on display and very vulnerable. But on the other side of the coin, you’re invisible in it.”

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*please note this episode contains foul language and sexual content.

episode 1: is canada queer?

In this inaugural episode, Luke sits with Nick Castel: a videographer and traveler. They discuss the Canadian mosaic, identity, and our connections to the places we call home. Nick mentions orgasms?

“Opening ourselves up is more important now than ever. But it takes so much guts, and so much bravery.”

Check out Nick’s work here:

A big *thank you* goes out to Mich Cota for allowing us to use the song “Kija”. Listen to Mich’s incredible music here (and other places):

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