Confronting Discomfort

It’s much easier to avoid a difficult conversation than it is to have one. But too often we miss out on a discomfort that will ultimately heal us. Challenging confrontations of messy situations are an inevitable part of any collaborative process. Conflicts arise. Tensions mount. Clear communication, especially in the face of misunderstanding or disappointment,Continue reading “Confronting Discomfort”

Willingness to Be Wrong

I’ve worked with artists who are polite and do all the “right things” when it comes to communication and collaboration (smiling, nodding, repeating notes back to show they were listening) but who still put me on edge. It’s like there’s something lurking beneath the surface that’s going to bite any second. Every suggestion feels judged,Continue reading “Willingness to Be Wrong”

Narrative Narrative

The stories we tell about ourselves and other people can be repeated so often, and questioned so little, that they take on the appearance of normal. Storytelling is a powerful force, as it can carve new perspectives in our minds and nudge us away from the limited realities we’ve created for ourselves. Empathy and allContinue reading “Narrative Narrative”

Made Up “Rules”

Racism and white supremacy are complex. There are so many difficult conversations to be had and many layers to unpack. I’m struck by something Austin Channing Brown and Brené Brown were discussing in a recent episode of Unlocking Us. White people often depend on rules to help them make sense of what’s going on. WhenContinue reading “Made Up “Rules””

Casual Convos

I know a great deal of people in my life who are wizards with words. I don’t consider myself one of them. But I love having conversations with friends and loved ones who have a gift for beautiful imagery and storytelling. Pay attention to how people in your life describe things. What words do theyContinue reading “Casual Convos”

Offers vs. Actions

In my relatively short time working in the theatre industry and crafting stories in collaborative settings, I’ve come to notice a common bad habit. We assume that being open to criticism and willing to discuss issues with others is enough, but we don’t address the obstacles people face in seeking that help. If an individualContinue reading “Offers vs. Actions”

Out of Sight

In the process of being vulnerable (and creative), there will always be information and ideas that remain hidden. Directing a play, for example, requires one to be on high alert for that which is unseen. An actor may suddenly say a line in a way that completely unhinges the entire scene, and if you payContinue reading “Out of Sight”

Culture of Creativity

In any creative environment, it’s important that each person feels seen and heard. The space of collaboration has to be expansive enough for each person’s contributions and for conversations of all kinds. In my experience, people find it difficult to maintain that freedom, despite their best intentions. Obstacles to that state of fun collaboration willContinue reading “Culture of Creativity”